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November 17, 2017: Pacific Coast Collaborative states/province redouble their commitment to fight climate change, expand their clean energy economies at close of climate talks

Climate change and clean energy economies
As the international climate talks in Bonn come to a close, the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) states of California, Oregon, Washington, and the province of British Columbia are redoubling their commitment to lead in the fight against climate change while expanding their clean energy economies. The devastating impacts of extreme weather, wildfires and ocean acidification on communities along the West Coast of North America make it clear that there’s too much at stake – health, homes and livelihoods – to retreat now.

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November 13, 2017: International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification Announces New Members, Including Fiji, and New Plans for Action at Climate Talks in Bonn

As part of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP23, the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance) today announced new members, including the Republic of Fiji, and new commitments from world leaders to take action to protect oceans from the impacts of climate change. High-level government officials from around the world gathered to engage in meaningful conversations about ocean acidification (OA) and steps OA Alliance members can take to mitigate impacts through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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November 12, 2017: Pacific Coast Leaders Share Clean Economy Progress at COP 23 Global Climate Change Talks in Bonn

Today at the COP23 global climate change talks in Bonn, Germany, U.S. West Coast governors from California, Oregon, and Washington joined in a panel discussion focused on their regional objective of phasing out fossil fuels and moving toward a vibrant, growing clean energy economy. The discussion highlighted the ways Pacific Coast states, in partnership with British Columbia, are leading the charge on climate change. Gov. Jerry Brown of California, Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon, and Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington spoke at today’s event.

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