April 2, 2018: Joint Statement from the Pacific Coast Collaborative elected leaders in response to the EPA’s decision to weaken federal emissions standards for vehicles

By the Governors of California, Oregon, and Washington, and the Mayors of Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle:

“As members of the Pacific Coast Collaborative and representing a West Coast region of more than 55 million people with a combined GDP of $3 trillion, the governors of California, Washington and Oregon, and the mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland and Seattle speak today in unified opposition to the federal decision to weaken the national fuel efficiency standards for model year 2022-2025 light-duty vehicles. This move sets us back from years of advancements by the automotive industry put in motion by states that took the lead in setting emission standards. These standards have cleared the haze and smog from our cities and reversed decades of chronic air pollution problems, while putting more money in consumers’ pockets.

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