Welcome to the Retail Toolkit

As an extension of the PCFWC’s commitment to reducing 50% of wasted food by 2030, the following resources have been created to assist in food waste prevention activities in store while reinforcing good habits among staff and consumers. Grocery retailers, small and large, across the nation can implement the tools found here to tackle waste in every department. Get started with the Retail Toolkit Welcome and then make your way through the various tools available. Access the Food Waste Action Plan Template here. We welcome and encourage suggestions to improve or expand the Retail Toolkit.

Associate-Facing Tools

Back of House Posters

Hang these posters in common thoroughfares or the appropriate location to maximize visibility and remind staff about proper in-store procedures. Some posters need additional information filled in by management for specific protocol.


Print these sheets for consistent store- and department-specific monitoring. These various resources can be utilized as a whole or in separate pieces. Use this as a list to pick and choose what items will provide complementary support to your already existing food waste prevention activities or get you started on the path towards decreased food waste. Store for reference.

Consumer-Facing Tools

Membership Indicator

Hang this membership indicator in your store front window to promote your engagement with the PCFWC.


Reframe customer expectations about food waste by offering waste reduction recipes that will make the dollar on their purchases go further. Print these recipes and place near the appropriate items within the produce department.

Department and Food Safety Procedures

Hang these posters in the listed departments to maximize visibility and educate customers on various waste reduction tactics. The insert sheets will need to be printed and cut to size.


Donation Guide

A comprehensive donation guide for retailers detailed by role. Broken out into 5 easy steps, this guide outlines how each member of the team plays a part to implement a donation program. Information included to answer all your questions on food safety, obtaining a tax deduction, and more.

Produce Resource Guide

Rather than creating more food waste by discarding produce with slight cosmetic defects, implement this program to save money, reduce waste, and offer nutritious fruit to customers at a low price.

Signatory Reporting

All Agreement signatories are reporting their business’s food waste data to the PCFWC on an annual basis. The reporting process is managed by ReFED, one of the PCFWC’s Resource Partners for the Agreement. We’ll be using the data you provide to track progress in reducing food waste among the PCFWC signatories, and your data will only be shared as anonymized and aggregated results once minimum reporting thresholds for market share coverage and number of reporting entities are met. (Additionally, once these thresholds are met, we hope to add the anonymized and aggregated data to the ReFED Insights Engine, an online hub for data and insights on food loss and waste that can help others implement waste reduction solutions.) We’ve created the following materials to help you report your data:

Once your Reporting Template is complete, upload your file(s) below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David Ly at david.ly@refed.org.