November 6, 2016

The world’s climate leaders are gathering for the twenty-second Conference of Parties (COP22) in Marrakesh, Morocco from November 7-18. Representatives from the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC), a partnership between California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, will join world leaders as we seek to build thriving, sustainable, and low-carbon economies.

Last year in Paris, states, provinces, cities, and other subnational jurisdictions grabbed headlines for their commitments to deep emissions reductions through the Under2MOU, agreeing to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 2 tons per capita, 80-95% below a 1990 benchmark, by 2050. In 2016, the Pacific Coast Collaborative affirmed its commitment to meeting these targets by signing a new Climate Leadership Action Plan and forging a partnership with the leading sustainable cities on the West Coast—Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver—through the Pacific North America Climate Leadership Agreement.

The PCC heads to Marrakesh with the intention of meeting with other subnational leaders to share information about how our region’s states and province are working together to drive dramatic transformations in the building, electricity, and transportation sectors while demonstrating that this transformation can happen alongside regional economic and job growth. The PCC is also promoting the recently launched International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance) at COP 22. The OA Alliance will join the PCC and other nations and subnationals, including states, provinces, cities tribes, and nongovernmental members to advance our understanding of ocean acidification, reduce its causes, and protect coastal economies and marine ecosystems. The PCC invites other governments and organizations to join us in taking action by joining this new alliance.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing and growing our story of meaningful subnational leadership on the West Coast and beyond.