March 28, 2017

Following are statements from West Coast Governors and Mayors in response to President Trump’s Executive Order, which includes directives to withdraw and rewrite the Clean Power Plan, as well as weaken other standards that protect our air quality and reduce carbon emissions. Below these individual responses, please find a joint statement signed by all three West Coast Governors and five big city mayors regarding the decision by President Trump.

Statements from West Coast Governors

“In Oregon, we will not back down from the fight against global climate change, and as Governor, I will continue to take bold action by advancing solutions to minimize the impacts of climate change and protect Oregon communities and natural resources for future generations. Oregon has a strong tradition of fighting climate change and leading on environmental stewardship. We took important steps to expedite the closure of Oregon’s last remaining coal plant and continue to invest in energy efficiency, pursue renewable energy development, and support alternative transportation fuels.”

Oregon Governor Kate Brown | Contact: Bryan Hockaday,, 503-580-7836

“Climate change remains one of the most urgent issues facing leaders at all levels of government in all corners of the world. Washington state remains wholly committed to doing our part. Action is needed now to grow our economy, protect our health and secure our quality of life. President Trump’s decision to ax the Clean Power Plan cedes U.S. global leadership and increases the risk that climate change will continue to damage our state. We can’t afford to slow our efforts, and we won’t.”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee | Contact: Jaime Smith,, 360.902.0617

For a statement from California Governor Jerry Brown, please contact his Press Office,, 916-445-4571

Statements from West Coast Mayors

“Despite what’s happening at the national level, San Francisco remains committed to taking aggressive local actions on climate change. We will move forward by building upon our successful City policies, such as those adopted last year to expand rooftop solar and offer 100% renewable energy options. San Francisco is showing that reducing carbon pollution can improve the health of our diverse communities and translate to economic success.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee | Contact: San Francisco Mayor’s Communications Office,, 415-554-6131


“Today, President Trump has undermined our nation’s transition to a clean energy future, putting our families and future on a perilous path. But progressive and diverse cities like Oakland are increasingly where power and innovative action on climate resilience reside. I am proud to stand with more than 7,100 mayors in saying we are committed to a cleaner, greener future. Despite President Trump’s abandonment of our global promises, we will continue to fight climate change and protect our communities.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf | Contact: Erica Terry Derryck,, 510-238-7072

“Portland is consistently ranked as one of the most sustainable cities in America, and not even a President can stand in our way. We’ll continuing to improve our quality of life and reduce carbon pollution even while our population grows. We have decreased emissions by 21 percent (since 1990), while increasing jobs by more than 25 percent and population by 33 percent. Clearly, a greener city is also a more prosperous city, too.

“Newly confirmed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and President Trump may make the misguided decision to try to destroy the Clean Power Plan. Our city and region will stay the course and move beyond coal and other fossil fuels. Portland is showing the rest of the country that clean energy, sustainable development, and walkable communities mean local action is a smarter choice than federal inaction.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler | Contact: Michael Cox,, 503-823-6593

“Seattle is the Emerald City and that is no truer than our innovation when it comes to urban sustainability. Seattle is home to our nation’s first carbon neutral electric utility and has ambitious plans to connect our clean electricity to our transportation sector. Today we stand even more resolute and committed to the historic, local-to-global effort to combat climate change, bringing our city’s talent and energy to one of the most important jobs we can do for our children and their future.”

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray | Contact: Benton Strong,, 206-684-8379

For a statement from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti or for related communications and comments from the 75-mayor-strong Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, please contact Alex Comisar,, 213-978-0741

Broadcast interviews are also available on a limited basis. If you are interested, please contact the elected official’s communications contact.

Joint Statement on President’s Executive Order on the Clean Power Plan

By the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California and the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles

“As the governors of Washington, Oregon and California and the mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, we speak today in unified opposition to President Trump’s Executive Order to withdraw and rewrite the Clean Power Plan. We won’t let the president’s misguided decision limit our region’s economic opportunities or our commitment to doing what’s right to make our cities and states cleaner and healthier for future generations.

“We speak as a region of over 50 million people with a combined GDP of $2.8 trillion. There is no question that to act on climate is to act in our best economic interests. Through expanded climate policies, we have grown jobs and expanded our economies while cleaning our air.

“This Order moves our nation in the wrong direction and puts American prosperity at risk. We will assert our own 21st century leadership and chart a different course. Climate change is one of our greatest threats, from more wildfires threatening our homes and communities to ocean acidification rocking our shellfish industry to drought hurting our farmers. Too much is at stake – from our health and safety to our jobs and livelihoods – for us to move backwards.

“We will honor our commitments to our communities to do what’s right to keep our residents safe, secure, healthy and prosperous as we accelerate our clean energy economy and put the interest of our people before those of big polluters. We will continue to invest in clean energy that creates local jobs and keeps utility bills low, and we will electrify transportation to provide convenient, safe, and affordable ways to get around our cities, and make our neighborhoods healthy and vibrant.

“Our cities and states will continue to assert our leadership and position our region for economic success. We urge states, cities and businesses from across the country to join us in leading and re-affirming our commitment to cut carbon emissions and reverse the damaging impacts to our communities of unfettered pollution.”

Jointly signed by:

  • California Governor Jerry Brown
  • Oregon Governor Kate Brown
  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
  • San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
  • Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf
  • Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler
  • Seattle Mayor Ed Murray